Specialist legal support as an attorney (‘advocatuur’): ‘The business case is key’

A problem or issue is never solely legal in nature. With our many years of experience in the business world, multidisciplinary and international advisory work and in the provision of attorney services (‘advocatuur’), Joint Forces Legal is very well aware of this. That is why we do not focus on legal aspects alone, of course they are important, but also on other aspects.

The business case always forms a key part of our concept. Joint Forces Legal also has a good grasp of the entire field of work and gives all due consideration to commercial and strategic aspects, amongst others.

A pragmatic, ‘Rotterdam’ approach is paramount wherever possible. However, should it become necessary, Joint Forces Legal will initiate the strong legal action that is required. In these situations, Joint Forces Legal prides itself on its many years of experience and specialist expertise in complex negotiation processes and also in national and international litigation practice. Joint Forces Legal will also be there to support you and provide you with its services as an attorney (‘advocaat’).