In-house legal counselling

 Joint Forces stands for joining forces, in order to provide tailor-made legal services founded on a basis of cooperation. Our core value involves a strong relationship and close cooperation with our clients and commissioning parties. Our mission is to continuously add value to your company and business operations. When doing this, our aim is to achieve the best possible result in the most (cost) efficient way possible. We also attach great importance to your commercial and business interests and to providing a pragmatic approach.

By working in-house at your office, Joint Forces Legal is able to be closer to the problem at hand and to be well-informed about your organisation and your business processes. This enables us to resolve many problems at an early stage and avoid any further issues from arising, thereby reducing the business risks of your organisation. Specialist literature from the United States, coupled with our own experience, has demonstrated that this will save you a great deal of additional time and costs in the long term.